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Tuesday, Sep 26
2:00pm — 5:00pm
Location TBA
68 attending

Maker Break Your Brand (IRL Physical Product Showcase)


Chad Coleman, co-founder and CEO Ascend

You don’t fit the mold of the average entrepreneur. In fact, you’d rather break the mold than fit into it. History is full of people like you, that pushed the boundaries of what is possible. But, pushing boundaries is a tricky business. Your success depends on your ability to instantly capture the attention of investors, early adopters and eventually the public at large. In this workshop we’ll discuss the 3 key factors in creating a compelling brand that cuts through the relentless clutter of the marketplace, captures attention and survives the test of time.

You will learn:
In a world filled with seemingly endless products, how can my product capture the attention of investors and the public at large?
How can entrepreneurs build a brand that people actually care about?
How can I build a brand that is transcends a single product and survives the test of time?

Part of the IRL PHYSICAL PRODUCT SHOWCASE Sponsored By Avnet: https://www.denverstartupweek.org/schedule/3681-irl-physical-product-showcase-sponsored-by-avnet