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Tuesday, Sep 26
2:00pm — 5:00pm
Location TBA
44 attending

Is Your Office An Asset? (IRL Physical Product Showcase)


Nina Sharma - Moderator, Managing Director of Project X-ITE, University of Denver
Bryce Ballew – Owner/Founder, Tradecraft Industries / Speaker
Sarah Battani – Director of Operations, Tradecraft Industries / Speaker

In the world of physical products, physical space can often be overlooked as an important asset. Does your office drive community and promote your business? How can physical space drive innovation? Join us as we talk about how you can use space as an entrepreneur to create a culture that will make your product and business thrive. Tradecraft Industries is the first of its kind coworking space for the construction industry. It’s become the hub for community and collaboration driving natural business development efforts and increased revenue opportunities for its’ members. We’ll share our lessons learned, the mistakes we’ve made, and our biggest successes in creating a community space that is typically found only in the world of apps and online technology.

You will learn:
How can you be intentional with your office and community to help your business grow?
Why is collaboration important for folks in the physical product space?
What are the ‘dos and don’ts’ of this business model and innovation?

Part of the IRL PHYSICAL PRODUCT SHOWCASE Sponsored By Avnet: https://www.denverstartupweek.org/schedule/3681-irl-physical-product-showcase-sponsored-by-avnet