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Friday, Sep 29
3:00pm — 4:00pm
205 attending

The Business of Entertainment and Storytelling

Denver Startup Week is gathering some highly sought after creative talents for a panel discussion moderated by SXSW's Senior Programing Advancement Manager Monica Sack. Leslie Collin (Giving Is Value), John Weiss (Human Design), Shane Franklin AKA (Entertainer) and Morgxn (Singer/Songwriter) all will join in a chat about the art of balancing the business of entertainment, storytelling and more!


Monica Sack - Monica is in charge of programming at SXSW and was key in bringing in Cory Booker last year at SXSW. As a representative of SXSW--an event that brings all different industries together--she'll add value by facilitating the conversation as a moderator.


Leslie Collin - Founder and Principal of Giving is Value (GIV), a new company that strives to inspire others and act as an amplification channel for social responsibility initiatives.

Morgxn - Morgxn's journey began in Nashville where his earliest musical memories are singing with his mom. "I could hold melodies before I could talk," he says. By age six, morgxn was a "small, chubby Jewish kid dominating the gospel choir" (as he puts it.) At age nine, he began taking voice and piano lessons and writing songs. After college he made his way to New York City where he dabbled in theatre. "Theater unlocked my sense of empathy," Morgxn says. "I could see myself in the characters I was playing, but when you tell someone else's story for so long, you start to lose your own."

John Weiss - John has spent his nineteen year career fully immersed in design, spanning multiple agencies and disciplines, with a singular focus on how to create compelling and rich experiences that are rooted in elegant design, innovative technology, and create lasting relationships and shape the future. His work is guided by purpose, passion, simplicity, beauty, innovation and surprise.

SF1 - SF1 is a drummer, music producer, actor, Berklee College of Music alumni and Grammy Award considered emcee from Denver, CO. When performing live, a skilled ensemble of performers, The Crew, backs SF1. He has received many accolades including 3 Westword Magazine Music awards in the Hip Hop category, chosen as KUSA 9 News’ “5 Colorado Bands to Check Out” and named “Colorado’s Next Break Out Band” by Next Big Sound. His singles “#Autopilot” “Rhapsody” and “Ride” have been played by iHeart Radio Stations released by his own label, Cornbread Entertainment. SF1 has shared stages with artists including KRS-One, Jake Miller, Jurassic 5, Big Data, Robert DeLong, and Lupe Fiasco just to name a few. Not your everyday rap/hip hop artist of today but an artist in its true essence.

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