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Monday, Sep 25
3:00pm — 4:00pm
252 attending

Innovative Capital to Support Colorado's Impact-Driven Companies

The need for market solutions to social and environmental challenges has never been greater. As entrepreneurs consider the potential risks and rewards, a focus on financial return alone undercuts the value of offering a solution. Access to innovative capital sources that align earning a return on investment with maximizing community outcomes is key. Join this conversation with local investors and entrepreneurs as we uncover the dynamic financial instruments being created to support high-impact Colorado companies.

Luis Duarte, Investments Director, Gary Community Investments
Ryan Kirkpatrick, Managing Partner, Colorado Impact Fund
Jeremy Priest, Founder & Leader, Knotty Tie
Brook Eddy, Founder & CEO, Bhakti Chai

Moderated by Emily Winslow, CEO of PeakChange

Location TBA

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