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Friday, Sep 29
12:00pm — 1:30pm
150 attending

After the Raise - How to build the Founder-Investor Relationship after the Investment

Impressing angels and/or VCs as you go after your first round of funding is hard work. While pitching is a hot topic at Denver Startup Week, building relationships with those investors after you have closed a round is just as important. The following panel will share the ins and outs of communicating with your investors once they have already written the big check. Should you write monthly updates into your investor documents? Do you need to run major press releases past them? When is it appropriate to email or text? What is the best way to ask for an introduction? All of this and more will be covered in our session, "After the raise."

  • CEO of an angel-funded startup: Julien Denaes, CEO Logrr
  • CEO of a Seed-funded startup: Josh Churlik of Well Data Labs
  • Local VC, early stage: Kate Shillo of Galvanize
  • Local VC, later stage: Frank Mendocino of Access Venture Partners

Location TBA

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