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Monday, Sep 25
1:00pm — 3:00pm
262 attending

How to Leverage Public/Private Partnerships to Help Grow Your Business

Innovation is the life-blood of any company. Major challenges facing startups and growing businesses involve the associated costs related to research and development, technology, training and intellectual capital. Contemporary industry requires collaborative teams who have an appropriate, useful mix of technological skills and creative innovation to solve the complex, intricate, and often unexpected problems of today and tomorrow.

Using the newly opened Comcast Media and Technology Center as a case study, this session will explore how private ventures can partner with public institutions and universities to create a confluence of intellectual and creative expertise. The discussion will address how to foster environments that dynamically link people with complimentary skills, and how to develop leading-edge strategies and solutions that are empathetically driven, economically sustainable, environmentally responsible and, ultimately, lead to new innovations in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond.

• Min Choi, Co-Director, Comcast Media & Technology Center, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of Colorado Denver
• Brian DeLevie, Co-Director, Comcast Media & Technology Center, College of Arts & Media, University of Colorado Denver
• Noelle DeLage, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Advancement, University of Colorado Denver
• Michael Jenson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Creative Activities, University of Colorado Denver
• Matt McConnell, Senior Vice President, Comcast
• Cindy Parsons, Vice President, Market Planning & Strategy, Comcast

• Carrie Osgood, Program Coordinator, Comcast Media & Technology Center, University of Colorado Denver

To learn more about the Comcast Media & Technology Center, please visit cmtc.ucdenver.edu. Interested in joining forces as a potential collaborator or participating in upcoming educational programs? Email us at cmtc@ucdenver.edu.

NOTES FOR FINDING THIS VENUE: The entrance is via the inner courtyard on the north side of Tivoli Student Union. The venue is on the lower level of the former Starz Theater. The below map does NOT accurately depict the location of this venue. Please use this map for accurate directions: https://www.ahec.edu/files/general/General-Campus-Map.pdf

Comcast Media and Technology Center, Tivoli Student Union, CU Denver

900 Auraria Pkwy, Starz 139B

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