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Thursday, Sep 28
9:30am — 11:00am
248 attending

Why It Pays to Give a Shit: The Importance of Compassion in the Business of Design

This presentation will inform and inspire compassion as part of regular business practice within organizations; not only because it’s our innate state as humans to feel compassion, but because it impacts our business bottom line. If we think of culture, communication, collaboration, and creativity as separate legs of a table, then compassion is the work surface upon which innumerable amazing things can be made. Compassion is integral to business and design because without it, the other “c” have no place to come together. There’s a reason why we all want a proverbial “seat at the table”. We want to be seen, heard, even constructively challenged in a space wherein we feel safe to share. Compassion is the key to such space.

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