2017 Schedule

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Thursday, Sep 28
12:00pm — 2:00pm
Location TBA
88 attending

Ask An Expert!

This will be an interactive workshop where "experts" will introduce themselves and then will break into smaller sub-groups where attendees can get their questions answered by experts for free. The experts will include accounting, law, marketing, investment, strategy and successful founders. The groups will switch every 20 minutes so that attendees can talk to all of the experts and get their questions answered. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a lot of great advice in a short amount of time!

Tricia Meyer – Founder + Managing Attorney, Meyer Law (moderator)

Melody Ashby, Senior Attorney at Meyer Law, will handle legal questions
Yoriko Morita, Founder + President at Patents Integrated, will handle patent questions
Josh Whitaker, Chief Problem Solver at Team Maryjane Marketing, will handle marketing questions
Brad Kreutz, Business Advisor at Cultivate Advisors, will handle strategy questions
Paul Heffner, CEO at Finance Pals, will handle finance questions
Anthony Franco, CEO/Founder at Comsero Inc., will handle general entrepreneur questions
Peter Adams, Managing Director at Rockies Venture Fund and Executive Director at Rockies Venture Club, will handle fundraising questions