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Thursday, Sep 28
4:00pm — 5:30pm
123 attending

Platform power: How Xero built Open APIs, SDKs, and a true integrated Platform to delight 1 million customers

Customers don't necessarily know what an API is, but behind the scenes their lives are made better through these integrations. In this session, you will learn from Xero's Head of Developer Evangelism on why technology platforms are so important to building a profitable and sustainable product. Together with our app partners Xero has built one of the biggest small business ecosystems in the world with more than 500+ app partners. Currently, with more than 35,000 developers in our Xero ecosystem, the traffic to our API receives more than 10 million calls per day. With an open ecosystem companies are able to achieve more together than they ever could alone. Learn how to capitalize on open APIs whether you're a founder or just getting into the developer space.

Location TBA

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