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Monday, Sep 25
10:00am — 12:00pm
Location TBA
208 attending

How A Clinical Art Therapist Became a UX Strategist

Both art therapy and UX strategy are considered multidiscipline fields. Art therapy incorporates psychology and visual art as an alternative to more traditional verbal forms of therapy. User experience strategist can incorporate many disciplines such as visual design, business strategy, front end/backend programming, project management and many others. Both professions share many commonalities of methodology and process. With respect to both fields, they often involve a deliberate approach, focusing and scrutinizing over details while also paying attention to subtle nuances.

However, the most significant comparison can be made involving both of their approaches of gathering information to improve upon a problem or a set of problems. I will expand upon the respective fields and why we might see more therapists transitioning into UX positions and how UX can help therapists deliver better services to their clients.

Hosted by: Think Design