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Tuesday, Sep 26
8:00am — 9:30am
172 attending

CO - Leading the Nation w/Mental-Behavioral Health Support ~ Collaborate w/Community Resources That Deliver

CO - Leading the Nation w/Mental-Behavioral Health Support
Collaborate w/Community Resources That Deliver (Tues 9/26 – 8AM - 9:35AM)
Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver / 1475 Lawrence Street, 5th Floor
{ Please park & arrive early, as we will begin on time }

The COEMHN.com has gathered presenters who are subject matter experts or thought leaders within the local / national mental health arena. The CO based resources will provide action you can take, or work within your company(s) to champion. Based on the anti-stigma position surrounding ALL of us who’s brains and emotions tend to go astray once in a while. This will be the 1st time most of the CO based mental health wellness and support resources are in the same room together. Join us in this critical discussion.

Intro' Speakers:
Brian Turner, CO Behavioral HealthCare Council, Deputy Director - State of CO Supports Numerous Behavioral Health Initiatives, piloting an innovative program for data sharing in 2018
Bruce Byington, Chief Impact Officer, CO Health Foundation - Why We are Supporting & Funding New MHC Initiatives,
Matt Vogel Exec Director at Anschutz’s NBHIC – National Behavioral Health Innovation Center
The focus on MHC in the workplace, in everyday life, is needed now!
Andrew Romanoff President & CEO Mental Health Colorado - Championing CO Citizen’s Behavioral well being for 64 years, and why a focus on early intervention works!

Bev Marquez - CEO Rocky Mtn. Crisis Partners -- 24/7/365 Behavioral Health Challenges ~ Stories from the call center trenches of the CO Crisis Services Help Line CoCrisisServices.org

Keynote Speaker - Resilience and Emotional First Aid for Entrepreneurs
Michael Freeman – MD, DMH, is a psychiatrist, entrepreneurship researcher and integrated behavioral healthcare systems consultant. As an entrepreneur and former CEO who was trained in psychology, biological psychiatry, health policy, business and public health, Dr. Freeman brings medical, psychological, strategic and operational competencies to his medical and entrepreneurial consulting practices. Clinical Professor, UCSF School of Medicine / Mentor, The Entrepreneurship Center at UCSF / Chief Medical Officer, Triggr Health – Michael co-authored a study on entrepreneurial personality, mood, and human factors common in StartUps. “Are Entrepreneurs Touched By Fire” - http://bit.ly/2w2FgAI -

Resource Presentations: Each CO based Mental Health Support entity will provide an overview of how their services individually and collectively provide for a stronger, more awareness focused workforce within any Startup to large company. Using any of their methodologies will strengthen your Mental Fitness!

http://www.coloradomentalwellnessnetwork.org (Mental Health Work Place Equality program – free to companies)
www.sigmend.com (Advocacy-Innovation-Support-Mentorship on living openly w/Brain disorders)
www.minesandassociates.com (National Behavioral Health EAP)
www.mhfaco.org (Annual Mental Health First Aid Training + Workplace Certificate)
www.CBHC.org (State wide support network for Behavioral health)
www.devaseed.com (Mindfulness Practice & Training)

Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver

1475 Lawrence Street, 5th Floor BUSB 5406

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