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Tuesday, Sep 26
4:00pm — 5:30pm
172 attending

Building an Ecosystem of Success in Sports Startups

Building a sustainable business in the sports industry is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, athletes, and investors alike. The diversity of the customer base and multiple verticals for growth make the sports industry engaging, exciting, and profitable. But the opportunities are balanced by their challenges. Black Lab Sports is a sports-focused Venture Capital firm building an ecosystem where sports startups can avoid the pitfalls of the industry. Hear from those who are building, thinking, and doing in the space: from professional athletes turned entrepreneur, to sports industry veterans, and to professional team executives. Speakers include: Jake Plummer, NFL Quarterback and Co-Founder, Readylist Pro; Justin Bannan, NFL Defensive End and Co-Founder, iSplack; Trevor Whitman, 16-time World Champion Coach and Founder, ONX Sports, JP O'Brien, Founder and CEO, Black Lab Sports

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