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Tuesday, Sep 26
2:00pm — 4:00pm
Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP
436 attending

The Product Development Playbook for Startups

Too often, product development teams are stocked with talent and great ideas, but they fail to fulfill their ambitions.

It’s just not enough to have great ideas. It’s not even enough to have great people. There are scores of product development teams that have both, but they come up short all too often.

The key is in aligning team and vision with the right tools, methodologies, and mindset. In this session, we’ll discuss how to do just that, covering the basics of agile, roadmaps, metrics, staffing, and more. We’ll also tell you how to work well with other department leaders and your Board.

The two presenters will be Apto’s VP of Product, Jeremy Dillingham and VP of Engineering, Steve Neely. They each have extensive experience building and scaling product and engineering teams, and bringing disruptive products to the market. Together they have refocused Apto’s product development efforts and unleashed the creativity and efficiency of the Apto product development function. They believe very strongly in building successful teams by hiring the right people, putting the right systems in place, and giving the team autonomy to create and adapt.