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Friday, Sep 29
2:00pm — 4:00pm
Location TBA
291 attending

"What’s My Data Worth?" How to Monetize Startup Data in 2017

Nowadays everybody knows the enormous value of data. But when a startup pitches a plan to "sell our data," most investors mentally check out and think the entrepreneur is naïve or worse. Why have so many startups failed to earn money from their data? What have the few success stories (e.g. Facebook) done differently that helped them succeed? How should startups evaluate their monetization opportunities? What tools and infrastructure have emerged that could help?

After DSW2016’s panel, “Data is the New Oil – and Oil is a Liquid Asset,” was so popular & well-received, for those who couldn’t attend last year or would like a refresher, this panel will review the core principles around how to monetize as well as introduce some new content exploring novel commercial models for data sales and emerging tools & services that can help startups prepare, productize, and market their data assets. We will also once again conduct in-depth panel-style Q&A.

Jacob Ablowitz, Co-Founder & CEO of Denver-based summer 2016 Boomtown company dmi.io (the marketplace for business data), will lead & moderate the session, which will include both presentation content and a panel discussion exploring these and related questions in the context of the fast-changing data monetization landscape.

Presenters / Panelists:

  • Will Hickson | Co-Founder, President & COO of dmi.io / former EVP, Thomson Reuters
  • Rich Spilde | Partner, Holland & Hart / IP & licensing specialization
  • 1-2 additional presenter/panelists to be confirmed by September 2017

NOTES FOR FINDING THIS VENUE: The entrance is via the inner courtyard on the north side of Tivoli Student Union. The venue is on the lower level of the former Starz Theater. The below map does NOT accurately depict the location of this venue. Please use this map for accurate directions: https://www.ahec.edu/files/general/General-Campus-Map.pdf