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Thursday, Sep 28
12:00pm — 2:00pm
197 attending

How To Get Started On Conference Talks

Conference speakers aren’t part of a secret cabal of thought leaders. They’re developers like you and me. So how’d they end up on stage?

They applied! I gave my first tech talk last year with just a few months of experience as a full-time software engineer. (Talk about imposter syndrome.)

Come hang out with me and four other seasoned conference speakers to learn:
How to find conferences looking for speakers
Talk ideas and what stands out in a proposal
How to overcome stage fright (we all get it!) and deliver a great talk

The panel will include four stellar members of the Denver/Boulder tech community: Matthew Boeckman, Dryas; Jason Hand, VictorOps; Madison Kerndt, TechStars; Steve Kinney, SendGrid.

There will be a lengthy Q&A section so we can be sure to answer all your questions. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Location TBA

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