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Monday, Sep 25
1:30pm — 3:00pm
560 attending

Design for AI and Cognitive Computing

Come explore how to design for AI and cognitive computing technologies. Don’t worry, computers are not going to take over (at least not for a while), they are actually dumb. Smart designers that play a critical role in how AI systems behave and are used by people. We’ll discuss design examples from consumer and enterprise that might inspire your startup.

Bring your design challenges and experiences for an engaging discussion:
• How AI supplements human capabilities, helps people do things better, and brings delight to their experiences.
• Three components of AI: algorithms, unstructured data/big data, and user experience.
• Designing across the interaction methods of vision, speech, data insights, and analytics.
• Personalization through UX and how solutions evolve as they interact with humans.
• Design considerations for software, hardware, and services.
• Consideration of ethics and privacy.
• Debunking design myths: AI does not really ‘think’ and cannot ‘predict’ the future.

About Brenton Elmore:
Previously, a Design Principal in IBM’s Watson cognitive computing business unit. Also the Watson UX Research Guild lead, responsible for injecting UX research methods across the Watson design organization. Lead initiatives to deliver four AI solutions to market. Elmore moved to Denver in 2016. Elmore is currently the Design Director at EchoUser. Design Empathy for people is his passion. He helps teams create shared understandings of users, workflows, and pain points through ethnographic field research and analysis and then guide teams to use human-centered innovation and AI technologies to deliver engaging solutions.

Hosted by: Education First and EchoUser


Location TBA

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