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Tuesday, Sep 26
12:00pm — 1:30pm
314 attending

The Sale after the Sale: How Enterprise SaaS startups can keep winning with an intelligent onboarding and implementation process

Winning enterprise software deals is enough of a challenge as a small startup, but what happens when you actually get a contract (or a loose monthly agreement...) with your ideal big co prospect? With no professional services team at the ready for a clean handoff, it's on you to make sure that your product becomes an integrated part of your customer's process and delivers the value that you promised when closing the sale. In this panel discussion with industry leaders, we will discuss the challenges faced by small startups working to change the hearts, minds, and business processes of enterprise customers living in the status quo. You've won a few people over with an idea, now how do you convince everyone else to believe what you say?

Brian Wones, Director of Delivery at Cloud Elements
Patti Saunders, VP Customer Success at Apto
Jeff Wrona, Director of Delivery at GoSpotCheck
Tim Buttrill, Director of Sales at Well Data Labs

Moderated by:
Jeremiah Fellows

Location TBA

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