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Friday, Sep 29
12:00pm — 1:30pm
218 attending

Breaking Down Product Management: Startups vs. Enterprise

Product Managers are increasingly common in Colorado tech companies, but there is still widespread confusion about what they actually do. Are you a current PM navigating your career or an aspiring PM trying to break into it? Come learn how PM differs between startups and enterprises.

This session breaks down the PM role in both worlds, covering everything from how to break into PM for the first time to critical skills to be successful. Hear real-world stories and tips from PMs with experience in startups ranging from women’s health to mobile payments, and enterprises such as Google and Workday.

The audience will be encouraged to share their own experiences throughout the session in order to maximize learnings from the broader product community.

Katie Holden - Product Manager @ Workday, previously at Google and Inkling
Michelle Baird - Product Manager @ Workday, previously at Kindara

Location TBA

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