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Thursday, Sep 28
4:00pm — 6:00pm
264 attending

Mission Possible: Craft and Change Your Company Culture

You have a company, therefore you have a culture. If you didn’t craft and mold that culture, then it spontaneously arose. Look around. Were you hoping for more diversity? More women? What happened?

Join two experienced, female business leaders - one from the startup world and one from the corporate world - as they address the steps you can take to craft your company culture. It doesn’t matter if your company numbers 4000 or 4, you have control over what happens to your culture going forward. Heather J. Mackenzie and Nicole Gravagna, PhD bring you culture change solutions for startups and growth companies.

Questions to answer in this interactive seminar:

  • Can a culture change happen without hiring or firing any employees?
  • How do I attract diversity when the company isn’t diverse now?
  • What is a diversity mindset?
  • How do I understand the actions that lead to a certain culture?

Warning! This talk will be backed by some serious science, but don’t worry, we’ll keep it fun-nerdy, not boring-nerdy.

All humans have an identity - a picture of themselves and an idea of who they are. Groups of humans have identities too. Where does this identity live? Is it in the brains of individuals? In the office? In the logo? We will dig into the neuroscience of identity and the social science of culture to answer all these questions and more.

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