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Tuesday, Sep 26
10:00am — 12:00pm
352 attending

Why Continuous Delivery Will Make Or Break Your Product

Your product doesn't matter if you can't get it into the hands of your users. And once in their hands, it does't matter if you can't quickly detect and respond to feedback and usage patterns to realize the value of these opportunities. Product organizations need to be able to Continuously Deliver their product - shipping small valuable increments to users, gathering feedback, and iterating on opportunities.

In recent years, there have been many silver bullets to enable Continuous Delivery - practices such as Lean Startup, Agile, LeanUx, ChatOps, and DevOps have promised to help ship better products faster while responding more quickly to your users. And tools, frameworks, programming languages, containers, and microservices have promised to reduce the effort and complexity to do so. So do you really need all of these things? And how to they all fit together?

To be an effective Product Manager, it's essential to understand the role technical practices and tools to enable the Continuous Delivery of your product. As the keeper of value and priority, Product Managers often decide between product and technical investments. This session is for Product Managers and leadership who want to gain empathy and examples of why balancing product, process, and technical investments are essential to creating a great product that users love!

Shared through the perspective and stories of a Product Manager on the CA Agile Central release train, this session explores how technical practices and tools are essential to enabling Continuous Delivery - shipping value daily, tighten feedback cycles, and more quickly reacting to opportunities.

WeWork Triangle Building

1550 Wewatta St., Floor 2

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