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Friday, Sep 29
4:00pm — 6:00pm
Location TBA
92 attending

Innovation, Acceleration & Immigration: Pathways for Startups

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman, Ron Conway, and other tech leaders founded immigration advocacy nonprofit FWD.us because America’s great entrepreneurs didn’t just have a big-money idea - they lead their companies and their communities in making the world a better place. The voice of the tech and entrepreneur community is as important as ever in informing smart policy, standing up for ideals, and ensuring the American Dream is achievable to anyone willing to work for it.

50% of unicorn startups are founded by immigrants, and the contributions of immigrants, from high-skilled computer scientists to founders and funders, continue to keep American innovation at the forefront of the global economy. But our immigration system is broken, outdated, and unfit for the 21st Century. Every day we live with this broken system we leave America’s leadership, and the future of all Americans, up to chance.

Join FWD.us with our featured speakers and a panel of successful foreign founders from BeVisible, Tokken, and Alpin for a conversation about entrepreneurship, immigration, and the role of entrepreneurs in advocating for change. Learn what the immigrant experience taught them about starting a company, and discuss what role our community can have in changing policy and conversation