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Wednesday, Sep 27
8:00am — 10:00am
Denver Place (Conference Room)
343 attending

Product Development Strategies for Bootstrapped Startups

We will share our experience as a young startup software company with product development strategies for Bootstrapped startups —all on an amazingly small budget and a very short time frame. Topics will include product concept development, product prototype building, and validating the concept in the market. The development methodology that works best for early stage startups will be discussed along with some alternatives, pros and cons. We will also cover innovative ideas for building a product development team, and product testing strategies on a low budget.

This session will be presented by Shridhar Bharthulwar, Founder & CEO of DreamCatcher Software, a Bootstrapped Software Startup based in Colorado.

While the main focus is on Product Development, we will also cover a host of related topics such as Market Awareness, Market Validation, Go To Market and Sales. The topics covered will be useful to our local community of entrepreneurs facing early product development challenges on a tight budget.