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Monday, Sep 12
2:00pm — 3:00pm
Denver Startup Basecamp launched by Chase
300 attending

Building Your Exit Strategy

The thrill of the first client. The heartache of a deal gone wrong. The late nights working and the early morning meetings. All these are what an entrepreneur strives for in starting a business. But what about when it's time to exit a business? What should you look for? How do plan? Who do you need on your side to ensure a good deal? How can you make sure all the things that could go wrong don't?

Join us for an honest conversation about the challenges and thrills in exiting. Whether you're planning way ahead to eventually sell your company, you’ve been thinking about an acquisition, or you're in the midst of leaving your startup right now, we've got something for you. Panelists will share their real examples and stories, offer wisdom and their own screw ups to avoid, and give tips on how to make the best exit possible.

Michael Sullivan- CFO, Ping Identity
Dave Wright- Founder & CEO, SolidFire
Koel Thomae, Co-Founder, noosa yoghurt
Chris Jensen- Regional Manager, JPMorgan Chase

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Denver Startup Basecamp launched by Chase (1515 Arapahoe St.)