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Tuesday, Sep 13
11:00am — 5:00pm
86 attending

Black Cube Pop Up Exhibition: Blow Up! Chad Person

‘Blow Up’ is a solo exhibition curated by Cortney Lane Stell featuring Black Cube
Alumni Chad Person which opens to the public on September 3 and runs until October 9, 2016 at RedLine
Contemporary Art Center. ‘Blow Up’ is the first major exhibition to be devoted solely to the artist’s inflatable sculptures.
These seven large-scale inflatables span more than a decade long relationship with the material for Person. Tracing the
development of the artist’s reconfiguration of advertising inflatables, the exhibition features one of Person’s earliest
works, Ozymandias Weeps (2005) a sad vinyl blow-up version of the Big Boy icon sitting and weeping with his burger on
his lap.

“The Inflatables are a long running body of work that attempt to illustrate a loss of prowess of select iconic characters at
the end of their cultural relevance. Each reduces the magnanimous idealism of the character to the pathetic form of a
cold air inflatable - a form popularized by the used car dealership gorilla,” said Chad Person.

These works also participate in the art historical dialogue as in the 1960s, artists such as Andy Warhol and Claes
Oldenburg used pneumatic forms to challenge conventional assumptions about the role of materials in artworks.

About Black Cube:
Black Cube is a nonprofit, nomadic contemporary art museum. At Black Cube, we see ourselves as an unconventional
museum pursuing the most effective ways to engage new audiences while supporting artists’ sustainability. Without the
traditional boundaries of a physical building, Black Cube is experienced primarily through pop-up art exhibitions and
shops conceived by our artist fellows. Black Cube was founded by artist and philanthropist, Laura Merage. Find out
more at www.blackcubeart.org.

About RedLine:
RedLine is a diverse urban laboratory where art, education, and community converge. The organization strives to foster
forms of social practice in the arts that inspire inquiry and catalyze change. Located in Five Points, RedLine is an
innovative, mixed-use arts space that combines an artist residency program with project-based community engagement
in the arts. RedLine offers arts education for underserved youth, weekly workshops for homeless artists, and programs
for the community at large. By merging contemporary art with arts education and community involvement, RedLine helps
bring the transformative power of art to the surrounding neighborhood and beyond. RedLine is open Tuesday - Sunday 11AM - 5PM. Free and open to the public.


Location TBA

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