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Tuesday, Sep 13
2:00pm — 3:30pm
260 attending

Cage Match! Man vs. Machine in Content Marketing

Join us for an intellectual cage match featuring AI expert, Jim Gunderson PhD and Scott Yates CEO of Blog Mutt Gunderson developed a new app, called CAIT. that mimics human brain processes to write social media content. Yates, however, is a strong proponent of good old-fashioned human intelligence remaining prevalent on social platforms. This will be a debate for the history books, so don't miss out!

Robin Carlin will officiate / moderate the cage match. Robin is a sports reporter & host of the @DenverPost Sports Minute. Robin is passionate about sports reporting but she also has a background in business. Robin holds a BS in Business from Ole Miss and a Masters in Finance from the University Of Colorado.

First, you write website and blog content designed to establish thought leadership and compel your audience to buy or subscribe. Next, you must write posts for social media to pull followers back to your site or blog. Writing content for social media consistently can be a bottle-neck for the promotion of your company. So the question is, what is the future of content marketing; is there a place for artificial intelligence to pick up some of the slack when it comes to creating content for social media channels? The content creator will battle the robot engineer to settle the score between man and machine for the future of social media content creation.

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