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Monday, Sep 12
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Wells Fargo Bank - Hershner Room
346 attending

The Moments That Make for Fast Growth

2016 marks a pivotal year for startup growth as founders learn to scale. Growth comes in many different forms. In some cases revenue, which leads to employees and finally, a huge exit. Well these participants will speak to their glorious start-up success and the pivotal moments that got them there. Come hear about the journey each of these companies have had.

Jim Greiner, former President of iTriage LLC, and former CEO of MapQuest, Inc.

Paul Zeckser, VP of Product at HomeAdvisor

Matt Talbot, CEO of GoSpotCheck

Moderated by Jim Franklin, former CEO of Sendgrid and Serial Entrepreneur.

Hosted by Built in Colorado.

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Wells Fargo Bank - Hershner Room (1700 Lincoln St.)