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Monday, Sep 12
12:00pm — 1:30pm
332 attending

Designing and Building a Positive Community - Online and in the Real World

While most of the mainstream advertising platforms have devolved into public pillory, fat shaming, pictures of lattes, and the basest discourse, Ello has seen how an intentional approach to values, design, policies and daily practice create a more positive online community.

Join Ello CMO Mark Gelband and a group of Ello community members for a panel discussion on the value of values and designing/building a positive community around your product.

Ello - the Creators Network - is the only online community designed for creators, by creators. Our mission to support creators everywhere includes charter commitments to not share or sell members' data and to remain ad-free.

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Craftsy (999 18th Street, 1st Floor Conference Room)