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Tuesday, Sep 13
10:00am — 11:30am
312 attending

Elephant Hunting - Leading Your Startup through Enterprise Deals #2-#10

Oft pushed to the side and clouded out by the hype of hot consumer facing applications, enterprise-focused startups are thriving in Denver. This session will explore the B2B sales playbook used to leverage that first big win into repeatable enterprise deals, and how burn-rate-constrained startups can live to fight through to the end of a year long sales cycle for their earliest customers. Come listen to our group of sales and marketing veterans tell stories of their big wins and big losses, and hear them answer questions on topics like selling to multiple stakeholders, building social proof, and nurturing internal champions. Panelists include:

Samantha Holloway, Cofounder and Chief Sales Officer at GoSpotCheck
Don Hazell, Former SVP of Sales at Rally Software (now CA Technologies)
Holly Hamann, Cofounder and former CMO at TapInfluence
Tim Buttrill, Business Development at Well Data Labs
Moderated by Jeremiah Fellows, VP of Sales and Marketing at Greystone Technology

Location TBA

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