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Monday, Sep 12
10:00am — 11:30am
CSU - Denver
157 attending

The TRUE cost of the “Pivot"

You’ve got a great idea. Technology that will revolutionize. You’ve got investors to back you, assembled at team and kicked off development. The sky’s the limit. You’re off!

It’s 18 months later.

You’ve been distracted by “shiny objects”. Customers rather than product management are leading your development cycles. The market drivers aren’t what you thought they were. The buyers and price points are wrong. Your core technology isn’t built to support the entirety of the business or designed for scale. Investors are concerned. It’s time for … THE PIVOT.

What does this mean? For your business? For investors? What happens now? What does it really cost to “pivot”? In terms of cash, revenue, time-to-market, resources. Why the pivot more closely resembles poor planning than the unduly lauded ability to nimbly respond to changing markets.

Our panel will include the perspectives to help you understand the pitfalls associated with not fully and carefully considering key aspects of your business model and plan from the onset. You will learn the basic requirements of early-stage, high-growth companies and how to best support your nascent organization at each stage of growth.

Chris Schwalbach, AVL Growth Partners
Marie Bahl, Custom Shop Strategies
Lindsey Schell, Bizologie
Matt Talbot, GoSpotcheck

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CSU - Denver (475 17th St., Ste. 200)