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Monday, Sep 12
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Galvanize (Golden Triangle) - No Sessions
615 attending

The Art of Scaling

You have assembled a stellar founding team. You have built a game-changing product and/or service. You have signed a few clients and, low and behold, you are now generating revenue! The foundation is set. And with the right moves, this startup can be a “real” company. Now what? How do you effectively move from ideation phase into the business phase? How do you manage the rapid growth and scale you’ve always dreamed about? This panel will explore the best practices needed to scale an effective team, product, revenue, and overall successful organization.

Panelists include:
-Luke Beatty, President of AOL Media Brands
-Bryan Leach, co-founder and CEO of Ibotta
-Steve Swoboda, co-founder and COO/CFO of SpotX
-Mike Gellman, co-founder and CEO of Spire Media
-Andrew Fischer, co-founder and CEO of Choozle

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Galvanize (Golden Triangle) - No Sessions (1062 Delaware St.)