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Friday, Sep 16
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Wells Fargo Bank - Hershner Room
290 attending

Crowdfunding & Beyond: How a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign can Unlock the Door to Future Success

Successful crowdfunding campaigns can open doors that businesses previously didn’t think were possible. A funded campaign shows investors, customers and partners that you have the ground swell and the financial support to take the next step.

This panel will discuss how to build a campaign that sets you up to get funded and achieve ongoing success post-campaign with experts and entrepreneurs who have achieved success in crowdfunding. From launching new products within an existing business to starting up new companies, to creating sustainable sales through Amazon, crowdfunding is being used in more creative ways than ever. The Fact is: The best campaigns achieve success because they are thinking about what opportunities they would like to capture AFTER the campaign has been completed

Our panelists cover every aspect of a campaign:
A crowdfunding strategy and management firm
An internet video production company who has a 100% success rate with Kickstarter videos
A multi-million dollar company that was launched from a crowdfunding campaign
An existing business that dove into crowdfunding for the first time after 11 years in business
An e-commerce expert who has landed major international retail partnerships for crowdfunded products and helped crowdfunded products grow sales through Amazon

Jointly we have worked on over 50 campaigns and helped clients in raising over $8 million in capital. From opening their first storefront to shipping around the world to major retail partnerships to appearances on Shark Tank, these companies were positioned for success AFTER their campaigns.

Panelist Speakers:
Leigh Lepore, Founder/CEO, Crowdfunding Strategy & Information
Chase Bortz, Videographer, Mighteor
Sarah Vernon-Brunner, President, Skirt Sports
Greg Horvath, CEO, Alpine Labs
Kevin Weiss, Director of Client Services, Amplio Digital

Moderator: Billy Brown, Healthcare Sales Executive for Medtronic, Plc. and Board Chairman of Denver Kids, Inc, a local non-profit serving Denver area youth for 70 years

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Wells Fargo Bank - Hershner Room (1700 Lincoln St.)