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Monday, Sep 12
1:00pm — 2:30pm
INDUSTRY Stadium (Brighton Blvd)
506 attending

Creating Email Campaigns that Work: A Focus on Design Elements

Create email campaigns that aren’t boring, look great, and successfully engage your targets.

It’s no secret that email open rates are some of the lowest engaged form of marketing, but when they work, they can create a powerful, consistent connection between you and your target audience. Email on Acid will be discussing email marketing design elements that aren’t boring, look great, and successfully engage your targets. Most importantly, well designed emails must display properly, so email testing is key. In this presentation, listeners will grasp ideal elements in line design, use of whitespace, calls-to-action, shapes, and colors.

The session will conclude with a 30 minute panel discussion and Q&A with:

  • Anthony Chiulli, Senior Consultant, Deliverability Services, Salesforce
  • Jill Guest, Engagement Marketing Manager, SendGrid
  • James Einspahr, Digital Creative Director, Furniture Row Digital
  • Chester Bullock, Vice President, Digital Marketing Technology / Salesforce MVP

Refreshments: Food & beverage provided

Hosted by: John Thies, Email on Acid

Very limited parking due to construction in the area. We do have a parking garage but it is primarily for Industry tenants. Uber, Lyft, Car2Go (we have 3 Car2Go spots out front) and riding your bike are great for getting to INDUSTRY.


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INDUSTRY Stadium (Brighton Blvd) (3001 Brighton Blvd.)