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Monday, Sep 12
2:00pm — 3:30pm
157 attending

Why Diversity?

Why should focusing on diversity be part of your business strategy? Forbes, McKinsey, and Harvard Business Review have all recently published articles touting diversity as a driver of innovation which in turn is a driver of business results. IBM disrupted how they employed diversity to address growth in market segments. Join the co-hosts of the Team|Work podcast for a discussion on some of the findings in those reports and share your own experiences on best practices for engaging a collection of perspectives as a strategy to grow your businesses.

Diversity is an issue in Denver, but by shifting their mindset and tweaking their approach to talent startups can attract a more diverse set of candidates and begin to reap the benefits of a non-brogrammer culture as they grow.

The presenters of this discussion are the co-host of the Team|Work podcast and come from a varied background (a lawyer, a startup junkie, and a creative) and met in class at DU while studying Leadership & Organizations. We represent 3 generations and are passionate about creating great places to work.

Presenter bios:
Samantha "Sam" Schreiner started her professional career as a programmer for a LoDo startup before becoming a contract technical trainer for a Silicon Valley startup which was acquired for $4.5B and has since worked in a variety of roles, most recently at iTriage. She loves to help people love Mondays by helping companies attract, retain, and motivate happy people.

Chelsea Chorpenning is the owner of Chelsea C Creative, a consulting company in Denver specializing in visual storytelling services for entrepreneurs and startups. Her work can be found at chelseacphoto.com.

Elizabeth Worthington is the owner of two LoDo start ups: EA Worthington, a consulting company focused on organizational strategies and employment law compliance for startups, and LodoFodos, a photo greeting card company that helps support LoDo Cares, a neighborhood charitable organization. Learn more about her work at www.eaworthington.com and www.lodofodos.com.

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