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Monday, Sep 12
2:00pm — 3:30pm
General Assembly (Classroom 1)
157 attending

Why Diversity?

Why should focusing on diversity be part of your business strategy? Forbes, McKinsey, and Harvard Business Review have all recently published articles touting diversity as a driver of innovation which in turn is a driver of business results. IBM disrupted how they employed diversity to address growth in market segments. Join the co-hosts of the Team|Work podcast for a discussion on some of the findings in those reports and share your own experiences on best practices for engaging a collection of perspectives as a strategy to grow your businesses.

Diversity is an issue in Denver, but by shifting their mindset and tweaking their approach to talent startups can attract a more diverse set of candidates and begin to reap the benefits of a non-brogrammer culture as they grow.

The presenters of this discussion are the co-host of the Team|Work podcast and come from a varied background (a lawyer, a startup junkie, and a creative) and met in class at DU while studying Leadership & Organizations. We represent 3 generations and are passionate about creating great places to work.

Presenter bios:
Samantha "Sam" Schreiner started her professional career as a programmer for a LoDo startup before becoming a contract technical trainer for a Silicon Valley startup which was acquired for $4.5B and has since worked in a variety of roles, most recently at iTriage. She loves to help people love Mondays by helping companies attract, retain, and motivate happy people.

Chelsea Chorpenning is the owner of Chelsea C Creative, a consulting company in Denver specializing in visual storytelling services for entrepreneurs and startups. Her work can be found at chelseacphoto.com.

Elizabeth Worthington is the owner of two LoDo start ups: EA Worthington, a consulting company focused on organizational strategies and employment law compliance for startups, and LodoFodos, a photo greeting card company that helps support LoDo Cares, a neighborhood charitable organization. Learn more about her work at www.eaworthington.com and www.lodofodos.com.

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General Assembly (Classroom 1) (3858 Walnut St)