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Monday, Sep 12
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Location TBA
267 attending

StartUp Cribs – Why Place Matters

Visual presentations and insights from five prolific Founder/CEOs of Denver’s tech startups, focusing on the synergy between company culture, location, space and design – elements fostering innovation and success, and one Investor/Landlord Exec’s spirited insight on asset and landlord strategies.

5 Exec/Founder Celebs:
DISH - John Swieringa
DIZZION - Steve Prather
SENDGRID - Scott Heimes
HAVENLY - Lee Mayer
GUSTO – Joshua Reeves

1 High-profile Investor/Landlord Exec
UNICO - Austin Kane

www.startupcribsdenver.com / Visit for info on this group and Startup Cribs alumni