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Friday, Sep 16
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Rising Sun Distillery
230 attending

Women distilling craft spirits

Come join us for an interesting discussion and a cocktail.
Beer, Wine and Spirits are big business in Colorado, it isn't an old boys club anymore. Women are increasingly entering this creative industry and developing new products and giving a creative twist to old products. Because the booze business is mostly small production and our equipment isn't standard we are also champions of entrepreneurship, we hire local welders to make a lot of our equipment and we use local distributors, farmers, label companies and more to make our products. Locally owned liquor stores, restaurants and bars are also the first to adopt our products. Recognizing that as a startup building relationships in the community but also understanding and nurturing our interdependence with other startups are vital to success. Panelists include: Kim Cavallaro, head distiller; Dawn Richardson, distillery owner; Spencer Langford, Lanfgord Systems;, Jamie Cox, Palisade Peach Grower; Chris Dutchman, owner Blue Sky Distributing; Christina Mao, Sommelier Bottle Shop 33.

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Rising Sun Distillery (1330 Zuni St #J)