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Friday, Sep 16
10:00am — 11:30am
Galvanize (Golden Triangle) - No Sessions
394 attending

Hire and Retain The Best through Powerful Leadership - Engage The Formula

People are the backbone of every company. The ability to truly understand and engage correctly with recruiting is the key to a companies' success. Come learn how to hire and retain the best talent in the market! Discover where inconsistencies and inefficiencies arise in the hiring process and learn the best-in-class recruiting technique -- “The Formula” -- used to transform companies such as Linkedin, GoPro, Medallia and dv01. Align with this transformational strategy and guarantee a profound and sustainable positive impact to your company’s bottom line, ten-fold. Create a foundation where all employees are committed to the mission and vision of your company, ensuring maximum ROI and long term retention.

A company that becomes an expert in hiring is 98% more likely to succeed and thrive in the long term than those that don't. Come learn how to invest in the most important commodity your company has -- your Human Capital -- and jump to the top of your industry!

The Speaker:

With over 12 years of internal experience in Talent Acquisition within global industries and organizations in the Silicon Valley such as Linkedin, GoPro, Medallia, AMD, dv01, etc… Pendulum Founder Alana Fulvio has proven herself to not only recruit the best for the best but also has become a sought after advisor across the nation by leadership to transform their organizations engagement with Hiring and Retention through elevating the power of Leadership, all through the intention Culture. She is committed to enabling leadership to create powerful organizations grounded in "holistic connection", or a "We" culture by offering strategic services which transform the foundation of every companies "hiring culture", leaving the entire organization aligned in culture, values, communication and repeatable process empowering them to achieve extraordinary results for sustainable transformation.

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Galvanize (Golden Triangle) - No Sessions (1062 Delaware St.)