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Monday, Sep 12
8:30am — 9:30am
Commons on Champa
306 attending

You Don't Need a UX Person...Yet

A unique perspective from a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the world's leading UX Firm, EffectiveUI. In this session, Anthony Franco will decode the 'mystery' of user experience and design and help founders understand how they can bridge the user experience gap their startup has until they are ready for a full-time user experience expert.
After this session you will...

-understand what the difference is between UX, Marketing, and Design
-know what a good UX person does (and why it’s wrong to hire that person in early stage companies)
-get the basics of design and user experience architecture
-know how to hire and guide creative types
-become knowledgable enough to know how to operate and guide your product without a UX person on your team

mcSquares, in collaboration with Talking Offline, hosts these bite-sized, videotaped panels designed to discuss topics that often fall by the wayside during traditional startup week events. Join us to hear straight talk and real opinions from industry veterans. mcSquares are handheld whiteboards that easily snap together on a wall to create larger collaborative whiteboards. They make meetings more productive and learning more engaging.

Refreshments: Bottled water & donuts

Hosted by: Anthony Franco, mcSquares


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Commons on Champa (1245 Champa St.)