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Tuesday, Sep 13
2:00pm — 3:30pm
315 attending

How to Hire Junior Developers

Everyone wants to hire Junior Developers but very few know how to do it correctly. Come learn what amazing companies are doing to find great talent, how they are integrating juniors into their teams, and how they develop a fulfilling career path for junior developers. You'll hear a variety of perspectives, from both technical leaders who have successfully hired new developers to juniors themselves. You'll learn from both their successes and their mistakes and will come away with a fresh set of things you can do to leverage Denver's new crop of burgeoning talent.

Panelists include:
Jim Ray, Development Director at Captain U
Kathy Keating, VP Product at Autopay
Marla Brizel, Software Developer at Democracy Works
Jorge Téllez, Director of Growth & Operations at the Turing School

The session will be moderated by Dave Bacon, founder of BW Bacon

Location TBA

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