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Thursday, Oct 1
9:00am — 10:30am
Galvanize (Platte - Atrium/Deck)
112 attending

Redesigning the Education System to Build the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

It's no secret that employers from startups to established companies and even entire industries are in the grips of a struggle to identify a talented employee pipeline with candidates possessing verifiable skills. Likewise, the education system in Colorado and beyond is falling short in ensuring that students graduate proficient in the non-cognitive, "Soft Skills" essential for success in the workplace. This panel brings together three actors that are going beyond recognizing this problem and actually endeavoring to do something about it.

Aurora Public Schools has launched a Digital Badge Initiative that uses Digital Badges to credential students in the essential 21st Century Skills of Invention, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Self-Direction and Information Literacy. These Digital Badges communicate to colleges and employers the skills that students have demonstrated and display the evidence (testimonials, videos, presentations, documents, etc) they provided in order to meet the Badges' criteria.

The Donnell Kay Foundation's ReSchool Colorado initiative endeavors to create a new parallel, state public education system that coordinates people and resources in new, dynamic ways, ensuring an experience that is welcoming, empowering and world class. Through a flexible and nimble system that offers an array of competency-based credentials from diverse endorsers, ReSchool will encourage a marketplace of dynamic educational opportunities that provide families and educators with more customized options for learning and learners.

Galvanize brings working and learning together. Galvanize campuses are home to students learning to become web developers and data scientists as well as startups and established tech companies such as IBM. 98% of graduates of the 6-month Full Stack Web Development Program find jobs in tech, earning an average salary of $73k/year. Through education programs rooted in industry and a community of lifelong learners, Galvanize provides the environment and fuel for anyone to level up.

During this session, attendees will receive an overview of the 3 programs and hear from students and employers feeling their positive impacts. A moderator will lead the panel and there will be time for audience Q&A.

Food and beverage provided.

Hosted by: Noah Geisel