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Friday, Oct 2
4:00pm — 7:00pm
427 attending

RINo Maker Tour

The RiNo Maker Tour is a chance to get an intimate peek behind the scenes of several creative businesses in the district that create, fabricate, and innovate across a wide array of mediums and scales.

A shuttle bus will be available for 48 attendees and will pick up and drop off at Ironton. Food and drink will be provided along the tour. The stops will include:

  • Housefish (Scott Bennet, Owner): A tour of his shop with advanced digital manufacturing techniques and hands-on craft methods.
  • Where Wood Meets Steel (Ryan Dirksen, Founder/Owner and Marina Chotzinoff, Co-owner): A tour of their wood and metal shop, wood sawmills and local, urban slab and lumber showroom.
  • Blake Street Glass (Kit Karbler): A tour of the glass studio where they produce unique, beautifully handcrafted glass sculptures.
  • Fashion Design Center (Lisa Ramfjord Elstun): Revolutionary garment district for small lines with big plans where designers can create their brands in Colorado.