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Tuesday, Sep 29
10:00am — 11:00am
266 attending

How UX and new technology can redefine “health literacy” — and why we're talking about it at Denver Startup Week

Roughly half the waste in U.S. healthcare spending comes from missed prevention opportunities, preventable errors and unnecessary services — including trips to the ER, which are often 10X more costly than comparable service at an urgent care center.

All of this comes down to “health literacy” which, once you get past the jargon, means being able to find, understand, evaluate, communicate, and use information for making healthcare decisions.

Low health literacy is not a new issue. Those of us in the healthcare industry refer to a 2003 study citing U.S. health literacy proficiency rates at a low 12%.

But not much tangible progress has been made toward improvement since then. The healthcare system remains confusing — filled with complex product structures, terminology and acronyms designed for plan or benefits administrators, not the people using their products.

So what does the Denver Startup Week community have to do with health literacy?

We can empower people. We can give people a great user experience through new technologies. And organizations that do this well will win people’s loyalty — and will win the consumer-driven healthcare market.

This session will focus on the UX and technologies that will make empowerment possible, and what we as entrepreneurs and technologists can do to finally make a difference in health literacy.

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