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Thursday, Oct 1
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver - 5th Floor (Laube Commons)
258 attending

In the know from the go: How to effectively communicate with your key stakeholders

John Rose, Partner with AVL Growth Partners
Joe Milam, CEO of AngelSpan
Carm Huntress, CEO of RxREVU
Eric Olden, CEO of Brite Content
Kirk Holland, Managing Director of Access Venture Partners

After strategically courting and locking your investor team and building your board of directors, founders soon recognize the challenging balance between business execution and keeping these key stakeholders informed, current, engaged, and passionate about their investment.

How do you keep your stakeholders interested in the next round or in engaging further? Are you sharing the right level of information? How should you convey bad news? Are you optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic? What milestones are conveyed? How do you maintain consistency in your communications cadence, style, and content? What's the right content and frequency? And what's the effort required to do this right?

Our panel will include the perspectives of early stage CEOs and investors to help you understand the importance, the content, insights, and pitfalls for maintaining a strong relationship with your key stakeholders.