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Wednesday, Sep 30
4:00pm — 5:30pm
298 attending

How (and Why) to Hire Data Scientists for Your Startup

describe your event:
How data science is driving products and changing our world. How to find and hire these unicorn data scientists to help your company.

why are your speakers / panelists:
Dan Becker, Lead Data Science Instructor at Galvanize (formerly served as a Data Scientist at Kaggle)
Head Data Scientist at RxREVU
Josh Bernhard, Data Science Instructor at Galvanize

who should attend:
founders who want to hire data scientists
engineers who want to transition into becoming data scientists or into building data products
product managers who want to build data products

why is this an awesome idea?
data science is hot!
data scientists are game changers and provide competitive advantages to companies (i.e. AirBNB, Uber, Netflix, Amazon, etc.)

Galvanize (Platte - Atrium/Deck)

1644 Platte St., 4th floor

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