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Tuesday, Sep 29
4:00pm — 5:30pm
201 attending

Building Big Technology in Denver

Join Gene Stevens, Co-Founder and CTO of ProtectWise, the provider of the Cloud Network DVR for enterprise security, as he shares the benefits and challenges of building big technology in Denver. This session is for developers, problem-solvers and anyone looking to solve hard technology problems and build big technology in the Mile High City. Gene will provide a candid look at his experience building a cloud network security platform over the past 2 years and offer practical tips to innovators, including:

· How do you define big technology and what does it mean to innovate? How do you know if you’ve got an N+1 idea?
· How to design technology that is capable of catching the curve balls that all innovators inevitably face.
· How to build new tech in a post big data world. Is the existing tool set enough to solve big technology problems or do you need to build your own tools?
· How Denver has become an innovator's garage—providing fertile ground for new ideas and the world-class to build big technology.

Location TBA

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