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Monday, Sep 28
4:00pm — 6:30pm
Posner Center
287 attending

Global Impact: How tech can alleviate Poverty

From solar power, to agricultural equipment, to mobile applications, and wired classrooms, technology is transforming the ways in which poverty alleviation is pursued. There's not a doubt that modern international development practices will incorporate tech-enabled solutions, but the questions abound: how is innovation and technology being used, are beneficiaries adequately involved in the development of technology solutions, and how do we know the new technologies are making a difference?

This session, organized by Denver's Posner Center for International Development, and Galvanize, will feature leaders from the growing community of international NGOs, consulting groups, and for-profit businesses working in emerging markets throughout the world. The panel will discuss how innovative technologies are being developed, tested, and used to come up to solutions for poverty alleviation, and related social challenges of environment and climate change, governance and accountability, health and well-being, among many other aspects of international development work.

The session will also explore ways that Denver's world-class co-working community has nurtured global, cause-oriented start-up organizations working in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. The session will also highlight how these groups have sough counsel and support from for-profit companies, and the need to better understand and leverage the potential for social-corporate partnerships.


Jonathan Newberry, CauseLabs
Norman Shamas, TechChange
Amy Sweeney and Roxana Elliot, Mobile Accord and GeoPoll (TBC)
Doug Vilsack and Brandi Stanley , Posner Center for International Development
Krista Ahlgrim or other representative from Galvanize

Moderator: Susan Abbott, Cross-Pollinate Consulting