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Friday, Oct 2
10:00am — 11:30am
Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver - Rm 1800
444 attending

Validate Your Startup For $20 Dollars a Day

Describe your Event:
Paid search is one of the quickest way to grow your startup at every stage of your product life cycle. Learn how to leverage paid search and display ads (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Pinterest) to validate your product, prove market demand, and grow an active customer base quickly.

With the right ad campaign, you can instantly target your prospects, and validate your product. You can build an audience before you’ve written a line of code, and quickly grow an active user base with inexpensive online advertising. Everyone talks about SEO and social media tactics for marketing and growth. But you can’t use these tactics to test the demand for your MVP, or your ideas, quickly.

Pashmina Lalchandani is the founder of Flow Simple, a Google Adwords Certified Partner and paid search services company. She is pioneer in the online marketing space with over 10 years of experience. Passionate, strategic and straightforward, Pashmina has grown dozens of companies from small startups to mature companies through paid advertising. She focuses on her clients’ success, and has a proven track record of delivering results. Flow Simple has worked with 80+ companies including startups such as Tuckernuck (a 500 startups graduate), Wanderable, Voxy, and Bundle Organics to grow their revenue through paid search.

Who should attend:
Anyone who has a startup that wants to test their product, or wants to grow their active user base. Anyone who wants to maximize validating an MVP through paid marketing.

What will people learn:
This presentation will be practical and fast. (Take notes!) Pashmina will use examples and data from real companies. Topics covered include:
How to measure unit economics such as your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and quantify results.
What types of advertising work, and what is most cost effective.
How to test product ideas.
How to acquire new users cheaply.
How to scoop users from your competition.
How ads can help test positioning, pricing, and drive your product road map.
And beyond that how to leverage paid campaigns results to get first round, or justify later rounds of funding.

Why is it an awesome idea:
From my experience, events like this have sessions that focus on branding, technical issues, acquiring talent, funding, (funding, funding), general advice from luminaries in our industry, but nothing that gets down to brass tacks. You want funding? Validate your idea with ads. That will grab an investor’s attention.

Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver - Rm 1800

1475 Lawrence Street