Scala and Akka and Cassandra, Oh My!: True Stories from One Man’s Quest to Build a Cloud Platform
Sheila O'Neill

Everyone claims to have built a cloud platform that handles Big Data. But what does it really take to build large, distributed and fault tolerant systems from scratch—to construct a cloud platform from the ground-up? Are all cloud platforms created equal? Is the Denver-Boulder talent pool big and deep enough to support such an endeavor or is that only doable in Silicon Valley? Is the existing toolset good enough or do you have to create your own?

Join Gene Stevens, Co-Founder and CTO, ProtectWise, an early stage start-up that is fundamentally re-thinking how network security is delivered, as he reveals the unvarnished truth about his quest to develop a cloud platform for network security. He’ll share the good, the bad and the ugly of his experience over the past two years. He’ll address the challenges, pitfalls and triumphs of architecting a platform capable of handling massive volumes of data (petabit architecture), processing the whole data set more quickly, providing better availability, and empowering enterprises with visibility into previously invisible network threats. From finding skilled developers to identifying the right tools, he’ll explore what’s worked and what’s fallen short.

This session is for developers, entrepreneurs, network security practitioners, and anyone interested in how a local company is using the latest and greatest tools including Scala, Akka, Cassandra, Storm, Kafka, Play Framework, Node.JS and others to disrupt an industry.