How To Get Hired as a Generalist
Lauren A. Mosenthal

Finding a way to solve a problem does not require years of education or a deep skill set. It takes the drive to find a solution and the willingness to learn.

Lauren and Emma were immersed in a year-long program where they learned a mix of design, development, and entrepreneurism. After graduation, they were both part of an apprenticeship program where they competed for full-time positions. Lauren was hired as a creative developer, and Emma was as a UX designer. They will share their journey from generalists to specialists, and the mindset it took to get there.

In the workshop, the group will be lead through a few quick exercises to exemplify and jump into the maker mindset. The workshop will leave people with the confidence to explore new capabilities, positively influence team dynamics, and get excited about creating the experiences of the future.

Hosted by: Lauren Mosenthal & Emma Lawler

Event hashtag: #GeneralistDSW