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From the Organizing Committee: Denver Startup Week community, now more than ever, it’s time to come together!

First and foremost, we hope that you are staying healthy in these unprecedented times. Despite companies and individuals alike being hit hard by this rapidly evolving crisis, it is inspiring to see the community, collaboration, and hustle shining through as we navigate these challenges together.

We at Denver Startup Week are determined to keep things moving to ensure that this community comes back stronger than ever. The most important thing that businesses can do is stay the course, take recommendations and orders by officials seriously, and continue to innovate as we move forward. You each will play an essential role in our community’s recovery – and we are here to support you.

By this time of year, planning for Denver Startup Week usually looks much different. In light of what we are facing as a community, we have taken time to thoughtfully consider how Denver Startup Week will continue this year. We know it is essential to come together as a community while ensuring that people remain safe and healthy. As such, our plan is to hold Denver Startup Week virtually in September.

Denver Startup Week has always been about serving entrepreneurs, empowering business, and coming together to build a stronger, more connected community. As a community, we need to come together to serve our entrepreneurs and businesses. You can start by submitting a session for DSW 2020 beginning Monday, June 1st!

Denver Startup Week Community - Let’s do something exceptional together, and rally the community to help move Colorado’s economy forward.

All of us are behind you.

The Denver Startup Week Organizing Committee

  • Tami Door
  • Erik Mitisek
  • Ben Deda
  • Marla Brizel Zeschin
  • Rob Anderson
  • Kylie Borgias
  • Ryan Margoles
  • Ashlee Cloud
  • Michael Ostrow
  • Dianne Myles
  • Jay Zeschin
  • Gordon Bronson
  • John Wilker
  • Jake Cohen
  • Olivia Omega
  • Conor Swanson
  • Castle Searcy
  • Chad Person
  • Brian Corrigan
  • Kate Barton
  • Lacey Hyde

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