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So Boring, It’s Good for Business

Founder of Sheets & Giggles Colin McIntosh won $95,000 at Denver Startup Week’s pitch competition last year. Prior to the competition, he displayed the bed sheets on a cot at the Physical Product Showcase. This tactic helped him connect with customers and judges.

“DSW last year was the first time that I truly felt validated in this company—it was our coming out party. We had sheets, shirts, stickers, hair bands and all sorts of stuff. It was a great way to show off the product and a few people even bought on the spot,” said McIntosh.

The company’s bed sheets are made from eucalyptus wood sustainably grown on farms in India. Workers harvest the trees and make the wood into pulp, fiber and yarn. The result is a soft, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that requires less water than cotton to produce.

When starting the company, McIntosh saw an opportunity to create a new product in a fragmented industry with no clear brand leader.

“There is nothing innately funny about home textiles; it’s probably the most boring category in the world. And that’s what's funny about it—it's a totally blank canvas to do whatever you want," he said.

McIntosh started the company in 2017 and launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in May 2018. He used the campaign to raise a whopping $284,000 to go to market. At the time of the pitch competition in September, McIntosh was one week away from shipping orders.

After the competition, investors asked McIntosh to pitch at Rocky Mountain Venture Club and Techstars. He has received funding and support from both organizations. McIntosh is proud to be a member of Good Business Colorado, which gives back to the community.

“I always love it when Coloradans see our ads on Facebook and Amazon and say, ‘Yes, a Colorado company'!” said McIntosh.

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